Structural Analysis Software

Our Structural Engineering Software Includes:

VersaBEAM 3.0
VersaBEAM 3.0 (R) is a versatile beam analysis program! Beam problems are solved by simply entering commands into a text editor. After the commands are entered, "RUN" the problem and you may then view & print diagrams, reactions and Max & Min summary tables.

VersaBEAM 3.0 can quickly solve beam problems ranging from simply obtaining diagrams, reactions to solve more advanced problems such as column buckling & lateral torsional buckling, envelope diagrams (moving & all-combination) and pile problems.

In VersaBEAM 3.0 there are numerous commands available to analyze complicated beam problems.

This software has many new feature from version 2.1 such as the ability to set input & ouput units, specify sections (either standard or custom sections which can be constant or tapered), do 2-axis bending analyses. The VersaBEAM 2.1 manual is included with this software.

Shape Utility 1.0

Shape Utility 1.0 can quickly analyze structural beam shapes or sections. In this program shapes can be easily, precisely and rapidly created! You may setup shapes parametrically and by simply changing a variable(s) the shape will change.

Generating a shape is accomplished by defining sub-shapes (sub-shape types, for eample W-shapes, standard angles...). The final shape is then easily generated graphically using the mouse & keyboard in the "Assembly screen". In this screen, the sub-shapes are quickly positioned and/or connected. There are no commands to memorize!
There are also numerous templates available that will save considerable time in creating or generating commonly used shapes. For example, a composite concrete & steel section or a concrete beam section.

Once a shape is generated, there are (13) different RUN types available depending on the type of section generated.  These RUN types range from simply solving Area, Inertia, Section modulus to doing more complex analyses such as plastic moment capacities, concrete ultimate moment capacities, 3D stress analyses with color stress contours (normal & shear/torsion stresses).

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