VersaBEAM 3.0 Update 12/15/17
This update includes only some small changes to VersaBEAM 3.0

Shape Utility 1.0 Update 12/15/17
 * Small changes to the menu-screen.

* Manual update --- The concrete ultimate moment capacity and ultimate concrete stress function information.

* Printing problem fixed.

* An obvious problem regarding an incorrect modulus fixed. This problem occured when doing Stress, Torsion, shear center & curved beam problems.The modulus of steel would be used for the modulus of a non-steel material (occurs when generating the section mesh).

Shape Utility 1.0 Update 04/20/18 **
This update will include "Concrete Beam Analysis" (for both "command-input" and "form-input")

       *** Concrete Beam Analysis will have the following features ***

* You can do the analysis on a modeled shape or one created with a template. The analysis inputs can be enter by using simple commands or by form-input for simpler analyses. 

* Shapes may include
prestressing and/or reinforcing bars.

* Prestessing groups can be debonded at beam ends and at interior locations (for continuous spans).

* Also reinforcing bar groups may be "removed" at desired locations.

* Beam loadings include, concentrated, distributed and axial loads (constant or variable). 

* The concrete beam analysis may include a SHORED case for beam sections that have topping or have a composite-sections.

* The analysis may include multiple iterations due to the reduction in stiffness under moment loads. For each iteration, a new EI is determined at each node.

* Analysis includes: at-release (for beam with prestressing),shored,  service and ultimate data. Service (and shored case) output includes beam forces, C/H (cracking info), concrete & rebar stresses and service deflections.  

Note: There must be an activated versabeam 3.0 installation on the computer to run this feature. 

Shape Utility 1.0 Update 07/20/18 ** 
This update will include the "beam/column analysis". You will be able to enter a constant, variable or stepped sections using the shape templates. Also, the beam/column's boundary conditions and loadings can be specified for both axes X & Y along with constant or variable axial loads. Boundary conditions will also include elements framing into the beam/column for both axes. All input is accomplished with input-forms.

Note: This analysis will use the VersaBEAM 3.0 buckling & lateral-torsional buckling features.
Note: There must be an activated versabeam 3.0 installation on the computer to run this feature.   


All updates are free and can be done over the internet or you may request an Update-CD.

Please check this page again, for added information about these updates!  

** The 4/20/18 & 7/20/18 Updates are delayed. We hope to have the 4 /20/18 (concrete beam analysis) update soon and the 7/20/18 update to follow. More exact information regarding when these two updates will be posted on this page!!